Q: How much notice do I need to order an ice sculpture?

A: Rush Orders: Depending on logistics and how quickly we receive the design idea and/or logo files, one week for a single block, for multiple blocks and challenging designs, may require more than one week (rush order charges will be applied)

We ask that orders be placed at least 1 week in advance. The delivery will be determined by the orders that were made in advance. ( first come, first served ) Carving and delivery reservations are available up to one year in advance to guarantee a good price. Call Ice Cuisine to order your ice sculpture today!

Q: Can ice sculptures be displayed outside in the sun?

A: Yes and no, sculptures can be outside depending on the weather conditions like heat, humidity, wind, and the sun. It should be placed in a shaded area at your event, and we will make every possible effort to ensure the sculpture will last as long as your event.

Q: Can you put multiple colors into ice sculptures?

A: Yes we can! Ice Cuisine has developed several ways to do this: and you see from our photos in our ice gallery, we are the leaders in St. Louis.


  • Snow Filled: is white snow packed into an engraved space. 

          Color Sand: We use fine, colored sand to add a colorful pop to your design. 

                    There is an extra charge of $10.00 per color.

  • Graphic Transparency or Photograph Insert: This can be color or black and white printed on a transparency sheet or photo paper, the ice is cut and the sheet is inserted. ( 24 hrs. to 2 days)  EXAMPLES
  • Display Light: Our standard ice glows has a white flourescent light. We also have deluxe ice glows that provide 15 different colors to choose from with 4 fun function modes. Ask us how!

Q: How much do ice sculptures cost?


  1. As we are the only ice carver that charges for the ice used, this helps meet any budget, prices vary. We do not charge for new designs or difficulty.  
  • Including sculpture, delivery, lighted tray, greenery and set up.
  • If a second carving is purchased, there will be a 15% discount.
  • With our most popular package, the ckient will return all of the equipment back to us within 3 days after the event.  (after 3 days it will be considered tray rental and you will be charged $15.00 per day until the equipment is returned).


For more information check out our Service Page for different packages 


Q: What is the size of an ice sculpture?


A: Single Block Sculpture is 40" tall X 20" wide X 10" thick. This is the most common size sculpture customers purchase.

  • Half Block Sculptures, 20" tall X 20" wide X 10" thick. These are great for smaller parties.
  • Table Centerpieces are available in two sizes
  1. Thin 20" tall X 10" wide X 5" thick 
  2. Thick 20" tall X 10" wide X 10" thick 
  3. Ice Bowls 13" tall X 20" wide X 20" thick
  • We can build you an Ice Bar for a party or a huge ice display of your company logo. there is no limit on what can be done in ice!



There is no ice sculpture too large for us to create !

Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We service Metro and County St. Louis and parts of Illinois. Our prices include delivery within a 25 mile radius from our ice studio in McKinley Heights MO. (between Lafayette and Soulard) Beyond that we add a per mile delivery charge, approximately 90 cents per mile. We have  provided ice carvings as far as Springfield IL.,  Kansas City and down to Lake of the Ozarks.


Nothing is impossible if the logistics work out.

Q: What it takes to set-up an ice sculpture?

A: We typically set up the scuplture about 1/2 hour prior to your guests arriving. You will need:

  • 2 1/2 feet X 2 1/2 feet of table space. 
  • A table that will hold up to 300 lbs. to accommodate most ice sculptures.
  • An electrical outlet by the table (to plug the light into).
  • The basic shape of the ice scuplture will last 5-7 hours at 70 degrees F depending on the design. 


Q: How do you remove an ice sculpture at the end of the event?

A: Removal Requires:

  • Need 2 people. Use a table cloth or linen towels to give you a better grip on the ice. It's slippery.
  • Carefully lift the sculpture out of the tray, put into a large bin, a sink, or outside, and allow to melt.
  • Put the end of the hose in the tray,(this keeps the water off the floor when you empty the 10 gal. bucket under the table).
  • Empty the 10 gal. bucket.
  • With the hose still in the tray empty the water into the 10 gal. bucket.
  • Pull the hose off and put in the tray.
  • Put the light box in the tray.


ICE CUISINE can also come back to remove the ice and to get our equipment at the end of your event. (this is a breakdown and extra fees apply, see below)


Here are the prices for a breakdown: 

  • Before 10 pm: $50.00
  • 10 pm - 12 am: $75.00
  • 12:01 am. - 1 am: $100.00
  • 1:01 am. to 2am: $125.00
  • 2:01am. and after: $175.00